Superleague Team: Pontnewydd

Nickname: The Real Deal

Walk On Song: Gala, Freed from Desire

Darts Used: 21 gram red ring Eric Bristow

Best Team mate: Jesse Heal / Stephen Cake

Worst Dressed team mate: Dale Ridler

Worst room mate: Kimberley Walker

Sporting Hero: John Terry

Biggest Moment in Darts: Winning Brean Sands / Lakeside 2017

Worst Moment in Darts: Losing 12-0 to England for Wales

Aspirations for the County Season: Promotion

Best venue you’ve played at: County – Surrey – Tour – Dutch Open

Best opponent you’ve played: Michael van Gerwen – County – Durrant/Bunting.

Lager/Beer or Cider: Lager to start Cider to finish

Anything interesting about you: Longest current Gwent men’s player without pulling out or being released. not bad for 24.